Friday, October 20, 2006

Quadrat in Geissen Germany - January 2003

Well, this was a crazy weekend. I was in the Frankfurt airport 4 out of the 5 days, and running around with Ibrahim Alfa is a dangerous thing to do. Spend a little time in Brighton with his lovely daughter. She was excited to see me because of the crazy videos that used to be on the FrameworkMusic website.

Any ways - here is some madness for the masses - I believe there are a few surprises in there for ya. Enjoy:

Quadrat10jan2003.mp3 (46m03s/63.2MB)

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Cosmium 2000 - Belgium?

Okay, so I really don't know where this came from. I was chatting with a man who trades live sets on the net, and he had this mix called Cosmium 2000 by me. So he sent me a copy and I can verify that it was me, and it was in 2000 - just by listening to the records and the mixing, but I don't know where or when this is from. Maybe I sent a CD over to a radio station? Pretty clean mixing for me - smooth transitions - it was before I started eating the lead paint off of my apartment walls.

Cosmium11MAR2000.mp3 (1h16m03s/69.6MB)

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Sept 11th, Minneapolis @ Aura - DJ Bob Brown returns.

So my friends run a Camp in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area in Northern Minnesota call the Boundary Waters Experience. They are having a silent auction to add to their "Scholarship Fund" - This fund allows kids who might not be able to afford the camping/canoe/community trip make it possible. Get the kids out of the hood, and make them crap in the woods.

I will be playing some background music for the event - chill electronic stuff 6PM till when ever. Nothing like the old days:

Here are the details if you are in the Neigborhood:
On Monday, Sept. 11, Eric Lacher and Jill Wing are hosting a fundraiser at Aura Bar/Restaurant (3001 Hennepin Ave. So., Mpls). Enjoy Aura's happy hour, DJ Bob Brown, massage therapist Marlene Larson, CMT, door prizes from Midwest Mountaineering, our silent auction/raffle, and other scheduled activities!!! Come and bring some friends. Your support and contributions can make a huge difference and are tax deductible! For more Marcus Andrusko (612) 743-7700 or

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Live in Stuttgart October 2000

This is a live set I wrote for my October 2000 tour of Europe - especially for my show in Glasgow with the Radar Posse. It was my first Live PA, and I did it using a program called Mboom, which was later called Muzys before it went out of business. Loads of fun.

Oct2000Stuttgart.mp3 (29m52s/27.3MB)

Monday, June 19, 2006

Some updates

Howdy to any of y'all that are reading this thing. I have updated several things on the Blog:
1. Corrected some incorrect information, and bad links.
2. Added the Length and Size of the file: (1h22m11s/89.5MB)
3. Changed the format of the blog, because the numbers looked funny in the other font.
Let me know if there are any specific releases you are looking for me to post up here, and I will see what I can do to get them up here.
Remember, if you subscribe to the RSS feed you will find out every time I put some new tunes up here.

Mental Industries 1 and 1.1

Here are my tracks from Mental industries. I think these releases came out in 2001 and 2002. Great label, with some really great stuff. These releases have sold out, and my contract ran out too - so might as well let people get a hold of the tunes.
This was my first celebrity Charting - Sven Vaeth put Crank on his top 10 list.

MIR 001 V/A Bored
Downstairs.mp3 (4m12s/5.8MB)
MIR 001.1 - She Wants Them All
Devoted.mp3 Devoted.mp3 (5m06s/7.0MB)
2sl.mp3 (4m17s/5.9MB)
crank.mp3 (5m10s/7.1MB)

Friday, June 09, 2006

Live in Glasgow 2001 - Bob DJing

Here is a set from 2001 live in my favorite city to DJ in in the whole world. I came over with for the Glasgow/Radar posse, and threw down. There was some technical difficulties in the begining, but they got worked out. Crazy party - hope it makes sense for those of you who weren't there.

BobDJGlasgow2001.mp3 (1h12m22s/132.5MB)

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Stop - From Semi-Automatic

Check out this track from a compilation I did for Ibrahim Alfa. The record came out in 2002/03. Enjoy.

Stop.mp3 (4m49s/6.6MB)

Composition 2 - Mixtape 1999

This is a 90 mixtape that was passed around in 1999 and 2000 when people still had cassette decks. Mixed on two decks, and the mixing might be a little better than the mixing on Afrika Aware.

Composition2A.mp3 (44m49s/61.6MB)
Composition2B.mp3 (45m00s/61.8MB)

Friday, May 26, 2006

FW05 - Momentum - Bob Brown

Here is the First Framework release with P&D through Integrale. Rough funky stuff.

Drive.mp3 (5m21s/7.4MB)
Compliment.mp3 (4m01s/5.5MB)
Moment.mp3 (4m22s/6.0MB)
Loose.mp3 (4m43s/6.5MB)

Monday, May 22, 2006

Bob DJing at Tresor

Here is an an hour and 20 minutes of my 3 hours DJing at Tresor in 2003. Tried to piece it together a little bit, so it made more sence. I have given this one out on a CD called "Full Contact". If you listen close, you can hear the crowd - they were so loud, the record players recorded them.

BobLiveTresor.mp3 (1h19m29s/73.1MB)

Mace & Bob live at Nebulae

This is a 90 minute live DJ set of Mace and I live at Nebulae in Philadelphia back in "the Day". 128kb - originally from DAT so it is pretty Good quality. Mixed on a Good ole Urei mixer. Knobtastic.

Enjoy -
MaceBobNebulae.mp3 (1h29m27s/81.91MB)

FW03 - Series Primary Blue

Here is the third release. No longer available on Vinyl. Enjoy the MP3's.

Blue1.mp3 (4m25s/6.1MB)
Blue2.mp3 (4m22s/6.0MB)
Blue3.mp3 (2m54s/4.0MB)
Blue4.mp3 (4m29s/6.2MB)

FW01 - Series Primary Red

Here is my first release, and the first release on Framework. No longer available on Vinyl. Enjoy the MP3's.

Red1.mp3 (5m46s/7.9MB)
Red2.mp3 (4m56s/6.8MB)
Red3.mp3 (5m52s/8.1MB)
Red4.mp3 (4m27/6.1MB)

Downloads Galore

I am going to use this blog to post links to downloadable 128kb MP3's. Please feel free to tell who ever you want about this blog, and to freely distribute anything you download from the site. Subscribe to the RSS feed, and you will be updated when I post up new tracks/mixes/performances. Thanks - Bob.