Monday, June 19, 2006

Mental Industries 1 and 1.1

Here are my tracks from Mental industries. I think these releases came out in 2001 and 2002. Great label, with some really great stuff. These releases have sold out, and my contract ran out too - so might as well let people get a hold of the tunes.
This was my first celebrity Charting - Sven Vaeth put Crank on his top 10 list.

MIR 001 V/A Bored
Downstairs.mp3 (4m12s/5.8MB)
MIR 001.1 - She Wants Them All
Devoted.mp3 Devoted.mp3 (5m06s/7.0MB)
2sl.mp3 (4m17s/5.9MB)
crank.mp3 (5m10s/7.1MB)


kaisendd19 said...

Love Crank,Cheers from Dresden,Germany ;-)

Coleman said...

Ah! Love the V/A track...I may have it? This post is going to make me search through crates and crates...

bobbydale said...

The V/A track is listed there - it is the first one listed. Enjoy.