Friday, May 26, 2006

FW05 - Momentum - Bob Brown

Here is the First Framework release with P&D through Integrale. Rough funky stuff.

Drive.mp3 (5m21s/7.4MB)
Compliment.mp3 (4m01s/5.5MB)
Moment.mp3 (4m22s/6.0MB)
Loose.mp3 (4m43s/6.5MB)

Monday, May 22, 2006

Bob DJing at Tresor

Here is an an hour and 20 minutes of my 3 hours DJing at Tresor in 2003. Tried to piece it together a little bit, so it made more sence. I have given this one out on a CD called "Full Contact". If you listen close, you can hear the crowd - they were so loud, the record players recorded them.

BobLiveTresor.mp3 (1h19m29s/73.1MB)

Mace & Bob live at Nebulae

This is a 90 minute live DJ set of Mace and I live at Nebulae in Philadelphia back in "the Day". 128kb - originally from DAT so it is pretty Good quality. Mixed on a Good ole Urei mixer. Knobtastic.

Enjoy -
MaceBobNebulae.mp3 (1h29m27s/81.91MB)

FW03 - Series Primary Blue

Here is the third release. No longer available on Vinyl. Enjoy the MP3's.

Blue1.mp3 (4m25s/6.1MB)
Blue2.mp3 (4m22s/6.0MB)
Blue3.mp3 (2m54s/4.0MB)
Blue4.mp3 (4m29s/6.2MB)

FW01 - Series Primary Red

Here is my first release, and the first release on Framework. No longer available on Vinyl. Enjoy the MP3's.

Red1.mp3 (5m46s/7.9MB)
Red2.mp3 (4m56s/6.8MB)
Red3.mp3 (5m52s/8.1MB)
Red4.mp3 (4m27/6.1MB)

Downloads Galore

I am going to use this blog to post links to downloadable 128kb MP3's. Please feel free to tell who ever you want about this blog, and to freely distribute anything you download from the site. Subscribe to the RSS feed, and you will be updated when I post up new tracks/mixes/performances. Thanks - Bob.