Friday, May 26, 2006

FW05 - Momentum - Bob Brown

Here is the First Framework release with P&D through Integrale. Rough funky stuff.

Drive.mp3 (5m21s/7.4MB)
Compliment.mp3 (4m01s/5.5MB)
Moment.mp3 (4m22s/6.0MB)
Loose.mp3 (4m43s/6.5MB)


Trevor Wilkes said...

Hey neat-o!

I didn't know I had this record until now Bob. #1 reason why white labels suck.

Thi new audio blog of yours got me thinking about your weekend here in Toronto. I tried going through my Camcorder tapes because I knew I filmed a bit of your set, but It's been recorded over. I don't know what I was thinking. There is about 2 minutes of your starting off and shaking a guy's hand. Then blue screen. Erased tape.

Maybe I should start labeling these things better.

bobbydale said...

You know - that is what the numbers written on the inside of the vinyl are for. FW05 should have told you all that you needed to know. Young Jedi, you have much to learn.

If I remember correctly, this set deserved to be erased. I think that the record players were skipping like crazy. Thus Bob was angry, you wouldn't like Bob when he is angry.

Coleman said...

love this ep