Monday, March 30, 2009

Live in Glasgow April 2003

I have so many mixed feelings about this show - so I waited a while to put it up (only 6 years).  It came up in my ipod the other day, and realized there was some good stuff on there.

John Clarke was the willing bassist from Glasgow who supported my mission:  Write an entire live show in a week using gear that I borrowed from people in Glasgow and incorporate live musician.

First song is pretty typical Bob Brown stuff.  The rest is very different.  Some down tempo, moody, "trip-hop", heck you can even hear a sample of me beat boxing in the one song.  This was my first time playing in  a "band" so John had to put up with some bad manners, but all in all it is fun stuff.  Let me know what you think:

Song01.mp3 (4m02s/3.7MB)
Song02.mp3 (5m11s/4.8MB)
Song03.mp3 (4m12s/3.9MB)
Song05.mp3 (4m27s/4.1MB)
Song06.mp3 (3m39s/3.4MB)
Song07.mp3 (6m90s/5.7MB)
Song08.mp3 (5m04s/4.7MB)
Song09.mp3 (4m12s/3.9MB)
Song10.mp3 (6m13s/5.7MB)