Friday, October 20, 2006

Quadrat in Geissen Germany - January 2003

Well, this was a crazy weekend. I was in the Frankfurt airport 4 out of the 5 days, and running around with Ibrahim Alfa is a dangerous thing to do. Spend a little time in Brighton with his lovely daughter. She was excited to see me because of the crazy videos that used to be on the FrameworkMusic website.

Any ways - here is some madness for the masses - I believe there are a few surprises in there for ya. Enjoy:

Quadrat10jan2003.mp3 (46m03s/63.2MB)


mitch said...

nice set!!!! love the old mental ind. sh1t, framework too :) could you say whats the track in min 1:44 and in min 36:10?? good old acid!!!
regards from germany.

did you still work as a dj? heard you dont?

bobbydale said...

I will still dj if some one asks me to. I just haven't done any promotion, or called around for gigs since 2005 or so. But I still got records if you want to hear me play.