Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Bob Brown - Composition 1 Mix Tapes

Does any one out there still listen to tapes?  Does any one out there still read this blog?

Either way - I have two (2) copies of Composition 1.  I believe this tape came out in 1996 or 98.  I worked with a tape distribution company, and have a few left over.  

One is completely un-opened.  The first 2 people to respond can have them - all you pay is shipping.

Good Luck.


Mangalore said...


bobbydale said...

Yes - they were cassette tapes from 1995 or 96, but they are all gone.

bobbydale said...

Actually I realized I still have one left.

Sean Willgues said...

I want one

bobbydale said...

Hey Sean - I just sent you a friend request on facebook. I don't know how I didn't connect your name with your post till now. Send me a message on facebook and I will put a tape or two in the mail for you.