Friday, May 23, 2008

Bob & Mace 1998 WKDU Electronic Music Marathon


This was from the first annual (it has been 9 years now) WKDU Electronic Music Marathon on WKDU. Drexel University's college radio station. This was one of the first times that Bob and Mace tag teamed - this was record for record, and we had a blast.

Two one hour segments - quality is okay - off of a cassette. The MC you hear is DJ Jeff Knorr - aka Professor J. Good friend, so I will forgive him for dissing techno in the preliminary interview.


EMM1998Part1.mp3 (55m45s/51.1MB)

EMM1998Part2.mp3 (51m56s/47.6MB)


Anonymous said...

Does a tracklist to this exist? Its a shame you never hear such quality hard mechanical techno like this anymore :(

Anonymous said...

what is the song dropped in the second part at around 17:00? sounds sick

bobbydale said...

I am afraid there won't be a tracklisting for this - since half the records were Mace's - I could only ever potentially give you 1/2 the tracks.

The track at 17:00 in part two is either dj slip or chris sattinger. I will check it out.

bobbydale said...

Oh, and if you really want to hear some stuff like this - feel free to book me!

Anonymous said...

if there are any house parties in my area i'll give you a call, hahaha

bobbydale said...

The track in part 2 that starts at 17:00 is:

DJ Slip
Kanzleramt - KA19